fnec Gene Table Build 14_03_11 [A quick tutorial]

Kittichotirat W, Bumgarner RE, Asikainen S, Chen C, 2011
Identification of the Pangenome and Its Components in 14 Distinct Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans Strains by Comparative Genomic Analysis
PLoS ONE 6(7): e22420. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0022420

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# Cluster ID COG Function Annotation Expected gene Length (bp)

Fusobacterium necrophorum BL

Fusobacterium necrophorum DJ-1

Fusobacterium necrophorum BFTR-1

Fusobacterium necrophorum DAB

Fusobacterium necrophorum BFTR-2

Fusobacterium necrophorum DJ-2

Fusobacterium necrophorum D12

Fusobacterium necrophorum subsp. funduliforme ATCC

Fusobacterium necrophorum subsp. funduliforme Fnf

51p-cluster000074 COG0726 [G]polysaccharide deacetylase759*                
52p-cluster000076 COG1792 [M]rod shape-determining protein MreC822* * * * * *   * *
53p-cluster000077 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein576                 
54p-cluster000080 COG1327 [K]NrdR family transcriptional regulat459                 
55p-cluster000081 COG0223 [J]methionyl-tRNA formyltransferase933                 
56p-cluster000082 COG0190 [H]bifunctional 5,10-methylene-tetrahy879                 
57p-cluster000083 COG4492 [R]hypothetical protein480                 
58p-cluster000084 COG0511 [I]carboxylesterase444                 
59p-cluster000085 COG1253 [R]membrane protein1284                 
60p-cluster000086 COG0457 [R]hypothetical protein324                 
61p-cluster000087 COG0503 [F]adenine phosphoribosyltransferase513                 
62p-cluster000088 COG0317 [TK]guanosine-3,5-bis(diphosphate) 3-py2178    *            
63p-cluster000089 COG0343 [J]queuine tRNA-ribosyltransferase1140                 
64p-cluster000090 Uncategoriziedmembrane-bound lysozyme-inhibitor o366                 
65p-cluster000091 COG2606 [S]EBSC protein471                 
66p-cluster000092 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein345                 
67p-cluster000094 COG0556 [L]excinuclease ABC subunit B1983                 
68p-cluster000095 COG1570 [L]exodeoxyribonuclease VII large subu1215                 
69p-cluster000096 COG0457 [R]hypothetical protein675                 
70p-cluster000098 COG0550 [L]DNA topoisomerase I2250                 
71p-cluster000099 COG1206 [J]tRNA (uracil-5-)-methyltransferase1308                 
72p-cluster000100 COG4974 [L]tyrosine recombinase XerD789                 
73p-cluster000101 COG1161 [R]GTP-binding protein1089                 
74p-cluster000102 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein393                 
75p-cluster000103 COG2509 [R]FAD-dependent pyridine nucleotide-d1425                 
76p-cluster000105 COG0280 [C]phosphotransacetylase1014                 
77p-cluster000106 COG0282 [C]acetate kinase1203                 
78p-cluster000107 COG0674 [C]Pyruvate-flavodoxin oxidoreductase3582                 
79p-cluster000112 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein210                 
80p-cluster000113 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein231                 
81p-cluster000115 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein888  *              
82p-cluster000116 COG4878 [S]hypothetical protein1854  *              
83p-cluster000117 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein762  *              
84p-cluster000118 COG0438 [M]lipopolysaccharide N-acetylglucosam1419  *              
85p-cluster000119 COG4267 [S]membrane protein2322                 
86p-cluster000120 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein951                 
87p-cluster000121 COG2342 [G]cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase942* *     *        
88p-cluster000123 Uncategoriziedmembrane protein261                 
89p-cluster000124 COG0591 [ER]sodium:pantothenate symporter1446                 
90p-cluster000125 COG0494 [LR]DNA damage repair protein MutT402    * *          
91p-cluster000126 COG2985 [R]membrane protein1419                 
92p-cluster000127 COG2855 [S]membrane protein1014                 
93p-cluster000129 COG2185 [I]methylaspartate mutase432                 
94p-cluster000130 COG0779 [S]ribosome maturation protein RimP462                 
95p-cluster000131 COG0195 [K]transcription elongation factor Nus1062  *              
96p-cluster000132 COG1358 [J]ABC transporter522  * *            
97p-cluster000133 COG0532 [J]translation initiation factor IF-22139  * *            
98p-cluster000134 COG0858 [J]ribosome-binding factor A369                 
99p-cluster000136 COG0544 [O]trigger factor1290  *     *        
100p-cluster000137 COG0740 [OU]ATP-dependent Clp protease proteoly588                 

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: Similar sequence present
: Not present

* : Within 300 bp from ends
F : Possible frameshift
I : Island genes