fnec Gene Table Build 14_03_11 [A quick tutorial]

Kittichotirat W, Bumgarner RE, Asikainen S, Chen C, 2011
Identification of the Pangenome and Its Components in 14 Distinct Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans Strains by Comparative Genomic Analysis
PLoS ONE 6(7): e22420. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0022420

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# Cluster ID COG Function Annotation Expected gene Length (bp)

Fusobacterium necrophorum BL

Fusobacterium necrophorum DJ-1

Fusobacterium necrophorum BFTR-1

Fusobacterium necrophorum DAB

Fusobacterium necrophorum BFTR-2

Fusobacterium necrophorum DJ-2

Fusobacterium necrophorum D12

Fusobacterium necrophorum subsp. funduliforme ATCC

Fusobacterium necrophorum subsp. funduliforme Fnf

1p-cluster008073 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein5562* * * *   *      
2p-cluster001051 COG2195 [E]aminoacyl-histidine dipeptidase1473      *          
3p-cluster002288 COG1288 [S]hypothetical protein1512  *         *    
4p-cluster004570 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein423  *              
5p-cluster000166 COG3839 [G]sugar ABC transporter ATP-binding p1122* *              
6p-cluster003563 COG2059 [P]chromate transporter660        *        
7p-cluster002292 COG2059 [P]chromate transporter540        *        
8p-cluster002293 COG0452 [H]peptidase ClpP1173  * *   *        
9p-cluster002294 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein681                 
10p-cluster002295 COG0827 [L]DNA modification methyltransferase1446                 
11p-cluster002296 COG0728 [R]virulence factor MviN1461  *     *        
12p-cluster002297 COG1354 [S]hypothetical protein687                 
13p-cluster002298 COG0196 [H]FMN adenylyltransferase966                 
14p-cluster003199 COG1481 [S]hypothetical protein891  *              
15p-cluster002299 COG0258 [L]DNA polymerase I2685  *              
16p-cluster002300 COG0629 [L]single-stranded DNA-binding protein456* *              
17p-cluster006935 COG2096 [S]ATP--cobalamin adenosyltransferase549* *     *        
18p-cluster007064 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein243                 
19p-cluster007065 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein654                 
20p-cluster007066 COG1695 [K]transcriptional regulator525                 
21p-cluster007067 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein807                 
22p-cluster017616 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein156                 
23p-cluster006933 COG1961 [L]hypothetical protein324                 
24p-cluster017615 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein135                 
25p-cluster000997 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein234*                
26p-cluster001356 COG1263 [G]PTS sugar transporter subunit IIABC1614* * *   *        
27p-cluster017614 COG1263 [G]PTS system maltose-specific EIICB c867                 
28p-cluster017613 COG1263 [G]PTS system EIIC component726                 
29p-cluster001406 COG3568 [R]endonuclease798        *        
30p-cluster001405 COG1640 [G]4-alpha-glucanotransferase1542                 
31p-cluster001404 COG2188 [K]GntR family transcriptional regulat714                 
32p-cluster001403 COG3187 [O]hypothetical protein429                 
33p-cluster001402 COG0652 [O]peptidylprolyl isomerase810                 
34p-cluster001401 COG1177 [E]spermidine/putrescine ABC transport774                 
35p-cluster001400 COG1176 [E]spermidine/putrescine ABC transport846                 
36p-cluster008682 COG1122 [P]ABC transporter1518            *    
37p-cluster001398 COG1304 [C]FMN-dependent dehydrogenase1023* *              
38p-cluster001397 COG1925 [G]hypothetical protein125*                
39p-cluster001886 COG1925 [G]phosphocarrier protein HPr270        *        
40p-cluster007079 COG1080 [G]phosphoenolpyruvate-protein phospho1737*     *          
41p-cluster007080 COG3464 [L]hypothetical protein1278* * * * * * *   *
42p-cluster009989 COG3464 [L]hypothetical protein382        *        
43p-cluster000341 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein198      *          
44p-cluster000340 COG0422 [H]phosphomethylpyrimidine synthase1302                 
45p-cluster000339 COG2057 [I]succinyl-CoA:3-ketoacid-CoA transfe666                 
46p-cluster000338 COG1788 [I]acetyl-CoA:acetoacetyl-CoA transfer651  *              
47p-cluster000337 COG2031 [I]short-chain fatty acid transporter1377                 
48p-cluster000336 Uncategoriziedhypothetical protein114                 
49p-cluster014403 COG2217 [P]copper-exporting ATPase2244                *
50p-cluster000334 COG2608 [P]ATPase P195        *        

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: Similar sequence present
: Not present

* : Within 300 bp from ends
F : Possible frameshift
I : Island genes